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Heartbreaker's Rumors Abound
CH.Koyabara's Major Payne
BISS CH.Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud,ROMX

BIS CH.Crown Royal's Count Baise,ROM BISS CH Noji's The Count Of Crown Royal,ROMX
CH.Crown Royal's Akai O-Kashi,ROMPX CD
CH.Noji's Ivy Of Crown Royal,ROM BIS CH. O'BJ King Ransom,ROMPX
CH. Daijobu's vampirella O'BJ,ROMX
Chiheisen Kokorono Koya Bara

BISS CH. North Star's Madd Maxx

CH. O'BJ Zack The Spotted Bear
CH. Kuroi Kao Dallas Alice
Hikari's Kin Hoseki Of Jazie

CH. Asahi Yama No Hanashi
CH.Kebo's Jazie Masumi Of Hikari
CH. Angelic's Sable Mist
OFA Good
CH Mariah's Dark Savant

CH. Jubes Aki's I'm Pasta,ROM

CH.Windom Imperial's Strike Force
Windom Sweet N Sassy of Jubes,ROMP
Goshen's Constant Comment,ROM CH.Goshen's Chariots O'Fire,ROMPX
West Bay's Trick Or Treat
Mariah's Satin Rose

CH.Mariah's Valiant Crusader

CH.Northstar Rock-O Kuroi Kao,ROM
Goshen's Constant Comment,ROM
Mariah's Mystic Memory

CH.Mariah's Limited Edition
Wotan's Ami Of Amberlai

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