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About Us


      Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site. My name is Linda and my
son is Andrew. As you will see from our site, our dogs are a big part of our
family.  My background in dogs is diverse and unique. I have worked with dogs
since I was in high school. My first job was as the kennel assistant at the
local dog pound. I quickly learned how to read a dog's behavior, and the sorrow
of falling in love with a dog and then finding out it had been euthanized the
next day. Since that time I have worked for a Chow breeder, as manager of a 
large boarding/grooming kennel, and as an Animal Control Officer within the state
of Connecticut. I also continue to do private obedience training lessons. All of 
these experiences have given me great insight into canine behavior.
     Working at the shelter and dealing with the day to day decisions to euthanize
dogs, also  taught me how important it is for breeders to place their dogs responsibly.
I was truely amazed at the number of purebred dogs I brought in.  I also have 
firsthand experience with doing all breed rescue. Over the ten years that I worked
at the shelter I rescued 4 dogs, a Borzoi, an Akita, a Boxer and a German Shepherd. 
Each was unique, and each taught me about their breed.
     My interest in showing began in 1981. My first breed was the Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Although I loved the breed, they never seemed to enjoy showing.  They were much happier
being at home. Andrew grew up with them, and I could not have asked for better family
dogs. I stopped showing when Andrew was born in 1989. By this time I had managed to put
points on my Berner and was able to show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club
Dog Show in 1985. In 1997 I decided to get back into showing. After owning a rescue
Akita I decided that this was the breed for me. I have had a bumpy road with this breed,
but I truely love this breed.  It is however, not the breed for everyone.  Although I 
knew nothing about the breed before getting my first rescue, I had experience working
with hundreds of dogs and being in tune to their behavior and personalities.


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